About us


First Trading Company (Hong Kong) Limited (FTC) was established in 1994 in Hong Kong. Since then FTC grew up to become one of the main producers of language learning tools under Atlas brand. The strong business relations that bonded FTC founders with the Middle East market made that area the first arena to commence activities. There, the urge to learn English Language has become an overwhelming need, as English became the main language to communicate with the world; FTC launched Atlas Electronic Dictionary in early 1995. It was a successful start towards creating the most sophisticated devices. Accordingly, these devices have become the first comprehensive quality products that fulfill the needs of their users.

Our Vision

Being different is being exceptional

Technology has changed our lives as communicating human beings and has made the hardest equations ever, as the old with the new, the conventional with the unconventional, a possible and a very successful combination.

Our Mission

Desire to do something better, ambition to be something more…

Our mission is to manufacture and produce electronic handheld devices responding to the demands of the market in a way that attains user full satisfaction. This is derived from our strong belief that our products are masterpieces of art. We ensure that they give our customers the privilege of enjoying their high quality features, perfect shapes, comprehensive information and outstanding performance.

Therefore, we accept no compromise regarding the quality of our products and we are committed to uphold the quality policy to provide our customers with the highest standard of quality and professional services.

Our Philosophy

Always at the forefront

Since words can come alive overnight, and take decades to die, language is not only some words and vocabulary sorted and put neatly in a book that we call a dictionary. It is a living component that captures and expresses the most important things that happen, captures our history, present, future, emotions, inventions and glories like nothing else, and eternalizes them all for the coming generations to read, live and make use of.

We started dreaming, planning, and believing in making language teaching and learning an easy task for all through our major projects and well-defined goals.

Our Culture

People and great ideas create the glorious future

Since the establishment of our company, we were so keen to embody the spirit of teamwork which is one of the main pillars of our success. We believe that respect for ourselves, our staff and customers, is very essential to the true fulfillment of our mission. We highly value diversity, honesty, hard work, care and concern for the lives and feelings of all people we work with. A large part of our energy is dedicated to human development through education and providing opportunities for advancement. Our staff are encouraged to attend training courses in order to upgrade their potentials in this very rapidly changing world of technology. We are ready to the extra mile to ensure better work conditions for all our staff. We seek, as well, happiness and satisfaction of all our customers who always come first and have the priority in our care and concern. We are committed to provide them with the highest standard of products and to ensure the best after sale service.